19 September 2010


 It was a lazy, boring Sunday, when all of a sudden out of nowhere
I decided to invade the space of unsuspecting graffiti town...

Here I am dancing with some dead guys
You have no idea how socializing they can get...

Here I am helping to make a stand for the rights of wall cartoons
It is really unfair to spray over them after 10 days of residency...

Here I am just trying to find out what's going on
It really isn't always clear, you know...

Here I am gathering followers for the invasion of the next graffitti
Beware cartoons, I am comming for you
This Is An Invasion.

Leather Skirt: COS
Silk Blouse: ZARA
Shoes: ZARA
Sunglasses: VINTAGE

12 September 2010


A Guide To Lady Noir:
Low Necklines, Floppy Hats, Mascara, Lipstic,
 Dressing Rooms, Boudoirs,
Calling The Doorman By His First Name,
High Heels, Red Dresses, Elebowlength Gloves,
Mixing Drinks, Having Gangsters As A Boyfriends,
Having Soft Spots For Alcoholic Private Eyes,
Wanting A Lot Of Someone Else's Women,
Sprawling Dead On The Floor With Every Limb Meticulously Arranged And Hair In Place.

The Big Combo (1955)

Coat: Talking French
Silk Dress: Vintage
Bag: Vintage
Scarf: Vintage
Shoes: Zara
Jewellery: A Gift
A Guide To Film Noir: http://www.rogerebert.com/

06 September 2010


When I was a little girl...
The days have been long and sunny...
And every moment was innocent, beautiful and complete...
No doubts, no sorrows
Just a girl and her pony...
Remembering those days brings me warmth and joy
And makes me feel a little girl again...
And when such a moment is shared with someone
It becomes something new
A new dream, a new inspiration
And now I share it with you :-)

Dress: Vintage
Suede Ankle Boots: Mango
Belt: Vintage
Suede Bag: Vintage
Ring & Bracelet: A gift
Pony: Borrowed  from Marisol :)