21 February 2010


There's no one to hear me,
There's nothing to say
And no one can stop me
From feelin' this way
Lazy Sunday afternoon
I've got no mind to worry
Close my eyes and drift away
                                                                       'Lazy Sunday' by Small Faces


Silk Blouse: Zara, Leather Skirt: DIY, Shoes: Vintage,
 Neacklace: Vintage, Belt: Vintage

14 February 2010


Winter always reminds me of my childhood.
It brings back memories of fairytales and joy and inspires me with emotion unlike any other season.
Snowwhite, fairy, princess, witch - take your pick each day... Oh, and it let's me meet some of my old friends.
Meet Mr.Snowy... ;)

FurCoat: Vintage, Dress: Gianni Versace: Vintage, Bag: Vintage, 
 Gloves: Vintage, Ring: SmallJewellerShop in Fuengirola, Shoes: Bronx

Meet Mr. Snowy ;)

08 February 2010


When the gray winter suddenly breaks into
a flare of spring, we all get a bit wild.
And Gianni helps us to get
just a little wilder.
And so passion stirs awake...

FauxFurVest: Zara, Dress:Vintage Gianni Versace,
Bag: Vintage, Belt: Vintage, Boots: Vintage